Annnnd it’s HUMP DAY!!! Half way there OHANA….


BIG Shout out to G.G.  for getting her kip on the pull up bar….only a few months ago she couldn’t hold her own body weight up….TODAY she not only does knee to chest on the bar BUT is now KIPPING on the bar.  Your OHANA is super proud of your dedication to yourself and you are an inspiration to us all.  We love you!  Great things ahead for you!


AMY U….aka…Baby Jax momma!  HUGE PR’s these past two week!  What a beautiful example of strength …you set the bar very HIGH!   Amy PR’d  her Back squat by #35….her squat clean by #20 and her Squat snatch by #30.


Lone Survivor came out today..if you have not had the pleasure of watching it..PLEASE do so…..So you know why they fought and why we fight!   Put your life into perspective.


SUNDAY BEACH DAY….Time and location TBA!!

THANKS to everyone for cleaning up their bars, putting their equipment away, and wiping down all of your equipment, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!


Strength – Front Squat   and Split Jerks!!!!





20 Burpee over the bar

20 alternating kb snatches 53/35

20 overhead alternating lunges 65/95