Has it been one these kind of weeks…where nothing seems to go right…everything seems to be a struggle;  weights feel heavy;  Feels like your first week of Crossfitting again!?   YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  No matter how long you have been crossfitting ,   we ALL have good days and BAD days.  We all get frustrated with Skills…even the ones we feel efficient at…stupid DOUBLE UNDERS…


It’s important to have a positive attitude about EVERYTHING….sometimes you just have to LAUGH at life in it’s face…get up…IT CAN ALWAYS ALWAYS be worse…and keep moving.  If your lucky like I am, you’ll have your OHANA to stop and pick your crazy butt off the  hard ground…devilishly spray 80% alcohol on your open wounds and Laugh with you.  Stan is so good to me and puts things in perspective…No MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON….HAVE FUN!  Every day ALL day…and LOVE HARD and FORGIVE OFTEN.


Its been a crazy ride this past month…as you know I have been in two serious car accidents back to back…not feeling too safe in a car these days.  BUT I have had each and every one of you help Stan, myself and the kiddos out.  You make every day worth it…THANK YOU!!!!


RECOVERY DAY…you will all need to take the time to ICE appropriately.  Today’s wod is high endurance…lots of running..stretch out those calves….take your time with mobility.  i will introduce a few new amazing stretches tomorrow….so make sure you come in ready to learn.


Skills—-Muscle Ups–bar and Rings


Bulgarian Split Squats

WOD – Rowing Repeats