YOU know who you are!   Stop complaining about why you aren’t seeing the changes you desire.  DO WORK!  MAKE GOOD CHOICES….EAT CLEAN and WOD DIRTY!….. Your coaches are here to help you and guide you so that YOU can meet your goals….but YOU have to do all the work.   If YOU DO NOT LISTEN….that is on YOU…SAME goes for those of you who OVER TRAIN….guess what it does the opposite of what you want and your muscles are NOT able to recover  so you can go hard when its 3-2-1- GO.   LEAVE YOUR EGO at the door…no one cares about what your lifting as long as you ARE lifting.  MOVE well and get stronger..if you are asked to scale because you are not meeting the required range of motion..DO IT….GET STRONGER….That is all!




GET YOUR BOOTY in for MOBILITY WODS…This is where you will see changes in your lifts and midline/shoulder stability.  NEGLECT it and you will never reach your goals…and perhaps may find yourself prone to injury!  Who wants that?  NOT ME.  Spend the time on making your body the best it can be – A well oiled machine….the oil is in the mobility!


MURPH – make  it up if you were out of town and unable to attend this amazing wod with the other amazing box at Gloucester….If you have never done this WOD before…you  will scale to 1/2 MURPH….


FOR those of you who performed this wod on MONDAY….I’ll have something special for you …can’t wait to see you in the box!