Wounded Wear Fundraiser was a HUGE success…..Many thanks to all who donated and sweat in their honor.  We raised $650  on Saturday alone,  with a grand total of close to $2000.     We will be hanging the Wounded wear flag  up this week….so excited and honored to have this hanging in our box.

Upcoming Events….

May 22-25th 2014   Mid-Atlantic Regionals

Monday May 26th 2014….MEMORIAL MURPH…

CF Gloucester has  invited Cf HUI over for Memorial Day Murph at 10am….  Murph will start at 10:30with a Potluck Grill and Chill to follow.  Stan and Fe  hope you all plan on hanging out with us.

JUNE 7th 2014-  HUI – DU

 Strength-  Back Squats


1 Rope Climbs

10 Cleans #95/135

2 Rope climbs

8 Cleans

3 Rope climbs

6 Cleans

4 Rope climbs

2 Cleans

5 Rope climbs

1 Clean