FRIDAY 530am class is Cancelled….sorry guys…car got wrecked yesterday and the tow truck is coming in the am.  Thanks for understanding.


Happy Friday Ohana!  Looks like it’s going to be an awesome weekend.  Please make sure you get out and enjoy the weather with friends and family.


Saturday May 17th 2014-    Shoulder to Overhead Stability…..Rope climb feet  position…Fishing point Drive will be down to one lane due to another race… Park infront.


May 22-25th  Mid-Atlantic Regionals…..HUI UP for Coach Kari next week..  Hui regional shirts are available as well as some amazing HUI JUNK headbands….Let Coach Fe know if you are interested.  Coach Kari is being sponsored by JUNK…..they have come up with some real awesome HUI designs…..


May 26th – MEMORIAL DAY MURPH AT CF GLOUCESTER…..plan on spending your morning with great friends….Bring a paleo dish to share.   “MURPH”  is a  WOD you won’t forget and always fun to do with friends.  Coach Stan and Fe are looking forward to woding  with everyone.


June 7th —Hui-Du….



10 min to est. a heavy set of 5 Shoulder Press

10 min to est a heavy set of 5  Bench Press



20 min EMOM


8  Pendlay Row at 70%

10  Handstand Push Ups