Keep your benchmarks in your journals.  If you need to leave the journal at the box there will be a box you can put them in.   It’s very important that you know where you are at, so that you can see where your progress will be in the 3, 6 , 9 and 12 month marks.    Make note of what bands you use, what weight you are using and HOW you feel during and after the Wod or strength.  These are all very important, did you get enough sleep?  Are you stressed ?  What did you have to eat and when?  Are you eating enough?  Too Much?  Take the extra 20 seconds to write it down..Your worth it.

WAHINE night Thursday at 7:30pm….Cardio Kickboxing with Mel…I am looking forward to this one…

Saturday Clinic with Juke…10 am…Squat therapy and Snatch pulls.

Those of you whom have Scaled competition on your goal list…..we have a few ladies looking at putting a scaled team together for CF Williamsburg’s Gangs of Mid-Atlantic in November……Let Coach Fe know if your interested.

Regionals- MAY 22-25th…Fairfax VA….ask for time off now…and put your name up on the HUI NEWS board if you are interested in car pooling up.  Have you bought your tickets yet?

Skill-  8 min EMOM

10 Knee 2 elbow

15  Slamball

Strength- 3 RM Front Squat


5 min AMRAP

100 m sprint

10  burpee