MAY 10th –Wounded Wear fundraiser 10am….Come and support the troops …Grill and chill after a great partner WOD…

May 22-25th ..Mid-Atlantic Regionals…come support Coach Kari..

Cardio Kickboxing Sunday evening at 6pm…Spray tanning to follow…..


The premise of active recovery is to give yourself a feel-good workout on a “REST DAY”, allowing your body to recover from previous hard day’s training.  It’s said to promote a better response from your body to help it recover better than if you simply take the day off.    Great active recover examples are HIKING…ROWING..this will elevvate your heart rate moderately, while still calling on your whole body to do the low intensity work.  The blood circulation, relaxed enviroment and the fact that you’re engaging your entire body is something that your body will revel in during this active recovery workout.  if you come off the rower and feel great, then you’ve done it right.  Swimming is another great example…This low-impact , especially when done at a low-intensity rate, is perfect for active recovery.   the fact that it is less intense on your joints, encourages a great range of motion, especially through your arms, and it increases your cardio rate, means that if done at that moderate intensity, you will get out feeling relaxed and good.   anyewhere from 10-20 min of low intensity swimming is a perfect amount to start at.   YOGA– you will see many benefits from this which translates into your recovery as well as into your performace.  the low-impact nature of yoga still stimulates your metabolism, while the kinesthetic benefits translate into better self awareness and body control.  It also helps clean your mind, allowing you to enter a new week of training with a fresh outlook and a fresh attitude.  Breathing techniques in yoga are also advantageous, especially when they translate into performance in any sport, from running to Oly lifting.  FOAM ROLLING- known as self-myofascial release, is one such activity where you make use of a foam roller,  lacrosse balls, and other items to massage your muscles.  It helps by improving blood circulation, stretches tendond and muscles, alleviates stiffness and tension, helps break down lactic acid and can even help improve spinal alignment.  the goal is to target areas which are stiff and sore from training and to roll them out for 30-plus seconds per muscle group.

We at Hui cannot stress how important active recovery and rest days are.  Please take care of your bodies.


Spend 20 + min  with a lacrosse ball, band work – 3- way shoulder; Monster and lateral walks to strengthen your hips;  Foam roll or voodoo band….

Skill- 3 attempts at unbroken handstand push ups…..and YES these should be logged in your journal or MAN LOG….

800 meter repeats  or  ROW