Awesome work today during the clinic.  We will be using these drills this week!  Thanks Coach Stan.

ACTIVE RECOVERY day…..get outside!  YOGA….MOBILITY…SPORTS MASSAGE… Listen to your body and  ice  if you need to.    Jump into a friend hot tub…relax and watch some GAME OF THRONES….!

We will be meeting at the box at 3pm to paint the sound proofing walls…we will need help moving all the mats over…We want our box looking amazing for the wounded wear wod….which will be a 30 min partner wod.


30 min amprap

“JC”  in teams of 2 complete the following for as many rounds as possible:

40 Push Press  95/65

20 Box Jump overs (anyway)

800 meter team run

40 Overhead Squats 95/65

20 Deadlift #225/150

800 meter team run