Can’t wait for days like these!   Big thanks to Mel, Kimberley, Alisha and Nik for coming in today and making the  box look great.    The walls are all patched up and freshly painted…take care of the bars…don’t drop the empty bar…wipe down all of your equipment…PUT AWAY YOUR EQUIPMENT…

Coach STAN..made you a huge shelving unit so you can keep your shoes, bag, tape, water bottle ect  in the box.  Please put your gym bags on or under the shelf inside the box…NOT  around  it on the floor for others to trip on.       Please keep the box as clean and neat as possible.  This is our home…we like it clean.!

May 10th …Wounded Wear Fundraiser…Grab a partner …30 min Amrap of “JC”….

May 22-25th Mid – Atlantic regionals..Fairfax Va.

June 7th -Hui-Du

Skill-  Re-test  5 min Amprap of Burpees

Strength- Back squats….


For Time:

500 meter row

30 Ring Dips

50 Double Unders

20 Burpees

40 Double Unders

10 Ring Dips