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Don’t forget to sign up for the Hui Du  we are hosting in June.  Its a great way to start competing if you have never competed as of date.  Spread the word….!  Our amazing athlete Alisha Perry has already signed up and we are super excited to see her perform and represent HUI….

CrossFit regionals this year is happening May 23-25th 201…Hui has reserved a couple rooms …make sure that you let a coach know if you are seriously interested in attending.  It’s very exciting and motivating to watch such elite athletes perform right before your eyes.  Road trips are super FUN!!!!!

Make sure you are logging your named WODs and lifting numbers….everyone is progressing pretty rapidly …know where you are every day.

SATURDAYS  Clinic will be on Double Unders…Coach Fe and Juke will be heading it up…Jessica Rivera got her Double unders today….at 10 am….Its always exciting to see you all master these difficult skills.!

SUNDAY—OPEN GYM from 5-6 pm….a few of us will be at the box at 4 to finish setting up the front lobby / stretching area;  dressing rooms and kids room. Feel free to come in and be apart of making HUI AWESOME!


10 X 1–Keep load light and manageable…working on technique here…make each rep perfect!

1 Snatch balance + 1 hang squat snatch + 1 overhead squat


25  squat cleans  #135/95

50 wall balls #20/14

25 pull ups

50 wall balls


(25 min cap)