Great time at Team Grit….we are so proud of Christine and Daniel….way to push through all of the Wods  and finishe strong.  Big Thanks to Crossfit OP for hosting a well run event..we enjoyed watching and being inspired by those participating athletes.  ~Mahalo

Hui’s wonderboy…Kyle Rosetti has been hand picked to participate in an amazing Firefighter Competition in san Diego.  If you haven’t been able to help him along this part of his journey, feel free to donate any small amount to cover all of his expenses. Your Hui Ohana looks forward to cheering you on from the east coast as you kill it on the west coast.

REMINDER–Crossfit Opens…register NOW…and if you are registered under HUI make sure you add your team under HUI OHANA….it is exciting to see you all participate in such an amazing experience.





20 min work on Free Handstand holds;  Handstand walks and handstand levers..



12 Box jumps 24/20

9  Toe to Bar

6  Push ups