It’s going to be a great week..! Here’s to the beautiful weather…we will be tapering your programming this week.  Make sure you are getting the appropriate sleep each night..keeping your stress levels low..keep focus on pacing and body positioning this week.    OHANA means family…family means no one is left behind..MAHALO NUI LOA…


Turkish Get ups  5-4-3-2-1

Front Rack lunges 1-2-3-4-5  #135/95

20 min work on Muscle Ups….work on efficiency and body positioning in the hollow rock position.  Muscle up transitions with the band…group up with liked skill levels..


Barbell Complex – 3 rounds  -#115/75

Deadlift -6

Hang power cleans – 6

Front Squats -6

Push Press -6

Back Squats -6

1 minute rest

All movements should be unbroken…do not drop the bar during each round.