2014012195171909HUI Kids classes are growing!!! Please respect our young ones learning…..if you want to come in early to roll out or hang out…please do not disrupt Coach Kari and the kids. We should have our front lobby area ready for you to hang out…roll out…share smoothies recipes… and prep post workout nom noms.    It can be difficult to keep our amazing kids on track when there is alot of other distractions…We appreciate your help with this.~MAHALO ..your HUI COACHES..

NO 5:30 am CLASS…..RESUME CLASS SCHEDULE 10 am…430/530/630 pm.


Front Squats  5 X 5 at 60% Tempo..1 count down… hold with a 2 count at the bottom..explode to the top in one count…and hold for 2 count at top with full hip extension.



5 Shoulder to Overhead  #185/120

40 Double Unders or attempts

THEN      400 meter… #75/45 Barbell Overhead walk