Clean and Jerk Clinic  10 AM….If you are new please come in 10 minutes early to fill out any paperwork!

Wod  to follow!

Daniel and Christine Wade will be competing together in the annual Team Grit Competition hosted by CrossFit Oyster Point.   It will be held at the Denbigh Community Center off of Warwick Blvd.   HUI will have our Saturday Wod at 10 am….Please feel free to come over and support your HUI OHANA from 8am-6pm.   If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to ask one of your coaches.  Come show Christine how much we support and love her….this is her first competition since beginning CrossFit.  We know you will be amazing!….

CrossFit OPENS……If you haven’t signed up yet….JOIN  In The FUN!  Select CrossFit HUI as your affiliate and select HUI OHANA as your TEAM.

NUTRITION CHALLENGE…..week two is coming to a close…!   By now you should have a good handle on portion control and NO GRAINS!!!…Please be cautious as to how much sweet potato hash you are having at every meal.. this is still high in good carbs.  Also,  if you are still eating “bread’-paleo bread or any other type of healthy bread.  STOP!  …l… You won’t see the changes you are looking for if your not willing to get rid of the “crap”  ….YOU are in control of what you are putting in your mouth….Coach Kari and Coach Fe can help guide you …but come on…your in control of you!…. Stick with Veggies and fruits as good carbs…..make sure you are drinking enough water….most often the hunger comes from being dehydrated and thirsty…get 8 hours of sleep…and if your digging your almond butter don’t  eat the whole jar in one day!  ….portion control…!  discipline…your not going to die….