We offer strength and conditioning programs for middle and high school athletes and teams.  We can help you take your game to the next level.  You will develop the skills you need to be successful on the field and court.

We are dedicated to making you a stronger athlete than you thought you could be – whether you’re a high school athlete wanting to play college sports or looking to crack the starting line-up on your varsity team.

1What to Expect

Athletes in our program safely and correctly learnhow to strength train.  We use powerlifting as the basis of the program and we teach athletes how to correctly convert explosive strength into speed and power in their sport.  Sport-specific workouts are also used to improve athletes’ cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which enables them to go harder and longer in their field of play.

What We Value2

Most high school gyms are not able to be fully staffed, which seriously compromises safety and athletes are not given a program to truly help them achieve their goals.

We believe strength and performance training is a complex science and we value personalized attention to ensure proper form and progressive improvement.  Our classes are kept small enough to ensure athletes leave the gym stronger, faster, and more efficient than when they arrived.  Our coaching staff includes former competitive collegiate athletes, and current powerlifting and Crossfit competitors with extensive training and experience.

Helping your athletes take their game to the next level!

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Coach Fe at Fe@crossfithui.com


Coach Sanci was able to conduct 3 pre-club volleyball season sessions and her players made the following comments:

 “It taught me useful stretches and workouts that will better prepare me for volleyball season (along with other sports) and help me to be at my maximum performance during those seasons.”

 “It was fun to go and do the coordinated workouts. I really enjoyed it and I was grateful for the motivation that came with the workout.”