Classes kept small enough to ensure you get the one on one attention you need to be successful. 

The Hui Olympic Weightlifting is a program that focuses on the clean and jerk and snatch.  The program puts the focus on these 2 lifts along with a series of accessory lifts that help to strengthen weak points in the lifts.  For Crossfitters, this is a great opportunity to get more time working on your lifts.

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The Hui Barbell Club is great for competitive Crossfitters who want to build strength in these lifts for competition, beginner Crossfitters who want more time working in their lifts than can be provided in a standard Crossfit class, or those looking to begin competing in Olympic weightlifting.  This class is open to members of Hui as well as anyone else who wants to improve their lifts.

What to Expect

In our Olympic Weightlifting program, you will safely and correctly learn how to perform the clean and jerk and snatch as well as work on things you need to improve upon these lifts.  We will assess your weaknesses and teach you how to correctly train to get those stronger as well as improve mobility and range of motion.

Value progress of technique, skill, strength, and the success!


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