• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • I99 Level 1 coach

Why I CrossFit

I have been an active person my entire life. I took every chance possible to learn every sport I could growing up but playing soccer became my passion. I started lifting at an early age thanks to my mom and dad. I found it hard to stay consistent doing the same workouts because it no longer became challenging. I started CrossFit in 2013 mostly doing bodyweight movements and using whatever equipment I could come across. CrossFit has become a big part of my life ever since and I haven’t looked back. CrossFit has helped me tremendously with my active lifestyle and has transferred over into my work. Working at the Shipyard can be physically demanding from lifting heavy equipment and tools to performing in extreme heat and cold. After my ACL surgery in 2015, I was able to gain back the mobility and strength in my knee faster and more easily by doing CrossFit. CrossFit has helped me continue to play soccer at a competitive level and carries over into my daily life.



  • Continue playing competitive soccer for as long as my body allows
  • Continue to challenge myself both physically and mentally
  • Continue to find ways to help the athletes I coach reach their goals