Thanks to Crossfit Hui I like who I am becoming.  Initially, Crossfit was all about physically challenging myself and of course losing weight.  I have a relatively short attention span and I tend to get bored with activities that are monotonous and that seemingly lead to nowhere.  Crossfit seemed to be the answer.  I visited the boxes in the local area and the one box I almost “blew off” became the answer to all I have been searching for and more. I have lost weight, I have more energy, I’m sleeping well, and I’m eating more for fuel versus eating due to stress or boredom.  Without a doubt I am physically stronger and continue to get stronger with each workout; the surprise is how much stronger I’ve become mentally and in a relatively short amount of time.  Crossfit, particularly Crossfit Hui has been a game changer.


I’m an introvert so the “community” aspect of Crossfit was not a draw for me and in fact was a major concern that I believed would ultimately push me away.  However, after my first meeting with Coach Fe, I decided to accept her invitation to visit and observe the next class. During my observation of a Saturday class, each coach introduced themselves to me and explained a little about Crossfit and answered my questions.  Most, if not all of the people who were working out greeted me as I watched them sweat (smile).  However, what I found most impressive, was first, how attentive the coaches were to the students, and second, how the coaches seemed to actually know the individual needs of each student. Finally, the participants were in varying levels of physical fitness, ages, and came in all sizes.  Admittedly, the class looked intimidating but I was very intrigued so I decided to sign up for a week of onboarding with Coach Fe.
Onboarding is designed to ease a beginner/novice into Crossfit and serve as an opportunity for the coach to personally assess and assist you with your fitness goals.  For example, nutrition is discussed; proper technique is introduced, stretching, and terminology is taught (Crossfit has its own language).  Please do not for one minute think this is a cakewalk; you will work during this week. After onboarding, you are ready to join the rest of the class.

Do not be alarmed, all workouts can be scaled or tailored to the ability of the participant.  You are, however, expected to work as hard as you can work and put out your max effort.  You will soon come to realize that you are your main competition.  To this day, I nervously enter the box prior to each workout and each time I successfully complete a WOD I leave feeling like a champion.  I am often amazed at what I am able to accomplish physically if I just turn my mind off.  The coaches while ever present seem to always know just when (that moment your mind begins to fill with negative thoughts) to provide that extra bit of encouragement to help you get over the hump.  Initially, I would worry about finishing last, no worries, no one cares, they only care that you are safe and that you finish.  As a matter of fact, they will cheer you on until you finish!  I dare you to find that camaraderie at a traditional gym!  You can’t, I win!

The last thing I want to share about Crossfit Hui is the concept of Accountability.   Unlike traditional gyms, where your presence or lack of will not be noticed, your absence at Crossfit Hui will be noted.  You will be missed and contacted.  Admittedly, when Coach Fe mentioned this to me during our first or second meeting I sort of blew her off.  Well, I missed a few classes (legitimate reason) within the first few months of signing up and lo and behold she made contact. The coaches know your preferred days to work out and get used to seeing you on those particular days…so they notice when you are not present for duty.  You may also be pleasantly ribbed by fellow Crossfitters about your absence should you decide to skip a work out or three.  It’s all out of love…the concern comes from a good place.

Ultimately, it’s up to you! If you commit to YOU…Crossfit Hui and the Coaches are the support team to die for…Good luck!


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