We offer strength and conditioning programs for helping you return to your normal and very strenuous duties after an injury.  We can help you get back on track with the strength you need to do your job.  You will build the skill and confidence you need to be successful on the field and court. 

Coach Felicia and Coach Stan are dedicated to returning you to your previous ability and then exceeding it – whether you’ve never touched a kettlebell or completed a Fran RX’d.

1What to Expect     

Athletes in our program safely and correctly learn how to strength train.  We use powerlifting as the basis of the program and we teach athletes how to correctly convert explosive strength into speed and power.  Duty-specific workouts are also used to improve athletes’ cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which enables them to go harder and longer than they thought possible.


Initial Assessment     30 minutes     $50

Private 1 on 1 Session      1 hour     $75

2x a Week Monthly     1 hour     $50 /  session

3x a Week Monthly     1 hour     $40 / session

What We Value

Most gym weight rooms are not able to be fully staffed, which seriously compromises safety and athletes are not given a program to truly help them achieve their goals.

We believe strength and performance training is a complex science and we value personalized attention to ensure proper form and progressive improvement.  Our coaching staff includes former competitive collegiate athletes, and current powerlifting and Crossfit competitors with extensive training and experience.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Coach Felicia at 757-814-1143 or Fe@crossfithui.com