• CF-L1 Certification
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach Certification
  • USAW Safe Sport

Jordan has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the last 8 years. She was a multi-sport athlete growing up but it wasn’t until after graduating college that she found her true passion with weightlifting. During graduate school Jordan worked as a personal trainer and assistant gym manager at Merritt Athletic Club in Baltimore, MD. Upon graduation, a job took her to San Diego, where she taught spin classes at a small local gym.

Work would eventually bring Jordan back to the East Coast and in 2012 she and two of her friends walked into a newly founded CrossFit Box and never looked back. She immersed herself in CrossFit and the community and would go on to get her own certification a year later. After several years of competing and learning, she then found Olympic Weightlifting which quickly became a priority. She began competing in local meets in the MDV area and then realized, with the help of a former coach, that she had a true passion for coaching others.

For the past several years Jordan has coached CrossFit and Weightlifting in Virginia, Chicago, and Green Bay. She is excited to expand her knowledge of fitness while working closely with the skilled coaches and athletes at CrossFit Hui!