Friday’s skill will be….


Check out the video below for some techniques for getting up that rope quicker and without burning your forearms out.

Upcoming Community Events!

Saturday/Sunday 9/27-28….3 person Team Grit..hosted by CF Oyster Point.

October 2014- Minors and Masters competition at CF Outer Banks….

October 2014- Girls gone RX – Drachen CrossFit…Cancer Awareness..3 female competition…

November 1st 2014 – Gangs of Mid-atlantic..Crossfit Williamsburg…4 person team..2F/2M. Coach Fe and Stan have partnered up with Coach Emily and Billy of Gloucester….WOOT WOOT…we love teaming up with our Community in every way possible.

December 13th 2014—Superfit hosted by CF Stimulus in Hampton.

There are many local comps to choose from. Please sign up as soon as your team is finalized. THEY DO FILL UP QUICKLY. Coach Fe and Stan will go over some Competition etiquette.