We will be finding new 1 RM on Front Squats and Deadlifts next week!!! Happy 4th of July week!     Coach Stan and Fe will be leaving on Monday July 1st – Sunday July 7th 2014.  Coach Ami and Juke will be holding down the fort!   make sure you get in and get some good coaching! ..  Classes will run normal ….JULY 4th —CLOSED!


BEAUTY and the BEAST early Registration stops at July 4th….grab your partner and sign up soon….Rx’d  Saturday….Masters/Teens/Scaled  on Sunday!   $175 a beauty/beast.


Strength –

Back Squats 8 min EMOM

Snatch balance + 2 sot press 8 min EMOM





75 Snatches #75/55

*0-6 months – 10 min

*6-12 months – 6 min

*1 yr + – 3 min