Getting our Dynamic warm-up on!!!!!  Our Guys …yes they know how to prance!….

Its going to be beautiful out …. Doors open….lets enjoy it!…

Paleo Nutrition Challenge is over…..make sure that Coach Kari gets your spreadsheet.  We will do measurements and baseline on Sunday at 4pm.  The winner will be announced next Monday…So many of you have reached your goals and beyond…we are so proud of you and look forward to whats ahead.  REMEMBER this needs tobe  a lifestyle nota diet….if you want this long term, don’t  splurge just because the challenge is over, keep yourself accountable with your coaches and friends…!  T’hats what we are here for, you have lots of support, take control and never look back.

Strength / Skill

4 X 20   KBS   #70/53  (60 sec rest between sets- try to go unbroken)


30 min amrap

400 meter run

12  Deadlifts  #155/105

200 meter run