SOOOOO who is ready to party in the water..?  I think we all are ready for the spring and summer to hit soon…with the weather temps changing drastically every day….please remember to keep your body temp consistent.  Its going to be in the 4o’s this week…be smart…dress accordingly and stay healthy.  The flu has hit the box hard,  thanks for keeping the bars and equipment wiped and germ free….let ‘s keep it up…and take care of one another….no one wants to keep catching the bug…no one.!

ANND the winner of the nutritional challenge is ATHENA …with KARINA coming in a close 2nd….congrats….for the weight loss and inches you shed.  hoping that this is a lifestyle change for all involved.  We are proud of everyone who kept themselves accountable.   Shout out to many of you who dropped time on your WOD assessment as well as increasing  in strength  and skill….you are all an inspiration every day!  MAHALO…

We will offer 14.4 again tomorrow evening….With our regular WOD and strength on the other half  of the box.

Strength/ Skill

Clean and Jerk   15 at 95/65

                                 12 at 105/75

                                  9 at 115/ 85

                                   6 at 135/95



Jumping Lunges

Double Unders