GREAT clinic yesterday…so exciting to see everyone get their first double unders…and muscle ups….Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it yesterday we will be following up with Double Under skill work on Thursday.  We still have a few ropes left for purchase if you were interested please let a coach know.

*** QUICK REMINDER….the front lobby area will now be used for mobility …if you come in early please place your belongings in it’s appropriate place and chit chat and mob in the front area…  This will keep the next class focused and  distractions to a minimum.  We appreciate you all…5;30 class are always large, so please take note when the coach on is showing through the range of motion and working skills.  This means if you are talking please that others can benefit from what is being covered.

For those of you who need to keep your protein powders/ fruit/ almond milk..etc  please feel free to label and store in the refrigerator and/or cabinet.  The vitamix if the for all to use,….just clean the awesome thing out when you are finished.

MARCH 1st -Grand  Opening….invite all of your friends.

We will have a wod for everyone as well as mini wods where you can win  some free hui gear….

We will have lots of food, and raffles that will go to wounded warrior..  $100 & $50 gift certificate to ABSTRACT TATTOO.. as well as many others….

Skill / Strength

200 meter repeats x 4 with a 20 second recovery

20 min pull-up work



Back Squats #135/95

Box Jumps 24/20