Your Hui coaches hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  We look forward to seeing everyone  in the box.


Front Squat  3 x 8

200 meter Partner Sled Push


3 min AMRAP

     3 –  Cleans #135/95

6    –  Push ups

          9 –      Air squats

 Rest 1 min – Repeat 3 min AMRAP for total amount of reps for both 3 min AMRAPS

This Saturday’s clinic will be on Kettlebell work!  Coach Stan will share some of the best ways to hold and maneuver the Kettlebell with efficiency!  We will go over the American, Russian, Power, Competition Swings as well as the amazing Turkish get ups!  Clinic will start right at 10am with group mobility and will end with a Hero Wod!  See you there.