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I play for a local fast pitch softball team that has been conditioning with crossfit hui for about 5 months now, and since then we have become so much stronger and overall better ball players. The coaches at hui cater to the skills we need to play softball and customize certain workouts to help us. As a team we have hit harder and showed more effort and hustle since we’ve been training. We have not only become better ball players, but we’ve become more confident in everyday situations. I absolutely love crossfit and want to continue doing as long as I can! The coaches are more than good, the atmosphere is wonderful, it’s a great place to workout and become a better person wether you want to be stronger, faster, more flexible it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or not, crossfit hui is for everyone! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to workout or even other teams who are just need that extra strength training, it’s a great place! It only takes a few weeks, if even, to see results! To this day I still get excited to go every time I tie up my shoes and leave because I know when I get back I’ll become a better person and athlete one way or another!


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